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Introducing the Clearwinner range of fuel additives

Clearwinner’s products are principally formulated to reflect the growing disparity between today’s Diesel fuel quality and the sophistication of the modern Diesel engine and as such, are in part, designed to enhance fuel performance and counteract component wear.


  • Prevents the formation of deposits on the injector values and nozzles.
  • The cleansing action assures the operator of a clean running vehicle.
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces component wear and costs
  • 1 litre ECO 100 treats 1,000 litres of diesel fuel.


  • Protects cold filter plug point of winter grade diesel to -24 degrees
  • Allows machinery/vehicles to operate in severe weather conditions
  • 1ltr treats 1,000ltrs of fuel


  • Disperses water from fuel storage tanks
  • Protects components from potential damage caused by water droplets
  • Maintains clean injectors, ensuring optimum fuel atomisation
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • 1ltr treats 2,000ltrs of fuel


  • Suitable for application to all Diesel fuel types , including those with FAME (biofuel) content.
  • Eliminates diesel “bug” manifestation within 24-48 hours of treatment.
  • Removes yeasts and moulds from storage tank walls.
  • May be applied to main storage tank or directly into machinery/vehicle fuel tanks.
  • 1 litre of PURIFY to 4,000 litres Diesel fuel

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